Trends on Rhizome

EAZID writes:

One of the most prominent trends I’ve seen on is human interaction with the artwork. One piece that best warrants that statement is “I am Still Alive” by Martin John Callanan. This piece actually works in the field by sending a text message to bluetooth enabled devices in close proximity at various undisclosed locations. The message says “I am still alive.” I particularly like this artwork because the viewers are not able to choose whether they receive the text… they just get decide whether to read it or not. Most people are too curious to ignore these things though.
Another trend found on the site is the large amount of conceptual art. I’m not sure if you can call this a trend as much as you can call it a natural occurrence. But most of the art is conceptual and the word is a major tag on the site. “Visual” and “Digital” are tags that out do “conceptual,” but they seem like tags that might be used on all of the art on the site.