When will it end?

Greg J. Smith writes:

UK artist Martin John Callanan was one of the contributers to vague terrain 05: minimalism. In communicating with Martin before that issue launched, I learned about a writing project he had been working on for a few years. With this work he sent out brief, cryptic letters (i.e. stating “I respect your authority” and nothing more) to numerous high ranking officials throughout the world. Martin has compiled the responses he received to these letters and it is now available as a limited edition text entitled “Letters 2004-2006: Confirmation That You Still Exist; I Respect Your Authority; When Will It End; One London.” The text is published by and available through Book Works.

I love this project for a few reasons: it adds another chapter to the fine tradition of artist produced texts, its currency is the lost art of letter writing, and the project cuts right to the bone and questions the nature and limits of power.