Responding to the Media With a Different Medium

I Wanted to See All of the News From Today is included in a second Member Curated Exhibt over on Rhizome: Responding to the media with a different medium. Jenny Bergen writes:

The news industry is changing. The days when the newspaper was the only available news source are gone. People don’t read the paper front to back and then sit on the porch talking about it; they sit on their couch and watch it on TV. But now TV as a news source is becoming inferior. The Internet is where it’s at. When there’s an accident or a major crisis, what kind of person will wait for the 9 o’clock news to come on, or read about it in tomorrow’s paper? No one. The Internet is fast and easy, and people are using it more and more to get their news. The Web also offers interactivity with the news, something that is not possible with a hard copy. Readers can click on links sending them to related pages, view slideshows and videos, and comment on an article. The popularity of online news has made a new medium possible for the public. Before, if you wanted to comment on an article, you would have to write out a letter and send it to the editor. Today, if a reader has something to say, he or she can simply post a comment on the story. This invention is making it possible for anyone to voice his or her opinion on an article. The pieces I’ve chosen for my exhibition are all related to news media and each artist’s reactions to it. … Seven pieces that touch on the subject of news, each with completely disparate ideas…