Night on the Brocken, Nicholas Alfrey

Martin John Callanan’s work engages most directly with scientific methods: his A Planetary Order (Terrestrial Cloud Globe) utilizes the complex apparatus of state-backed meteorological data collection to model a single moment in the atmospheric history of the planet. The cloud cover as recorded by six cloud-monitoring satellites is mapped on to a globe, a physical (rather than virtual) object created by means of cutting-edge digital manufacturing technology. It is the counterpart to Constable’s cloud studies for the age of IT, but whereas for Constable clouds were ‘the chief organ of sentiment’ in a picture, they can now be visualised as forming an entire global regime. The piece gains a touching, almost absurd, quality of understatement through the disparity of its unassuming physical presence and the prodigious depth and scope of the knowledge it encapsulates.

Extract from the essay Night on the Brocken, Nicholas Alfrey, to accompany the exhibition Reason and Emotion Landscape and the Contemporary Romantic, Springhornhof.

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Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum

Skulpturenpark Berlin_Zentrum is a book published in 2010 which documents all the projects at the Park including my time and research at Simon Faithfull’s Mobile Research Centre in Berlin.

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In August 2009, a strange apparition lands in the wilderness of Skulpturenpark. Faithfull’s Mobile Research Station No.] is a curious hybrid- half hi-tech Antarctic Research Station/half rusty-broken-dumpster. Using a standard trash container as its basis, the station nevertheless forms a luxurious designer-pod providing for an eccentric set of researchers. Rather than exploring the frozen wastes of Antarctica or the moons of Saturn. the limited artists/researchers undertake their investigation in the surrounding no man’s land and urban zones of uncertain that still lie at the center of Berlin.

The researchers were:
Esther Polak, Amsterdam
Annika Lundgren, Gotheborg/Berlin
Martin John Callanan, London
Katie Paterson, London
Nick Crowe + Ian Rawlinson, Manchester/Berlin
Simon Faithfull, Berlin/London
Tim Knowles, London

Publisher: König, Walther (Oct 2010)
Language: German and English
ISBN-13: 978-3865608352
Product Dimensions: 26.6 x 22.4 x 3 cm

DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material)

In 2004 I worked as colour manager for the tens of thousands of photographs contained in this encyclopaedia:

Disruptive Pattern Material

Disruptive Pattern Material

Disruptive Pattern Material

DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material) is an exploration into the vast world of camouflage, charting its history from its roots in nature, through to its adoption by the military and on to its current popularity and use within modern civilian culture. Containing over 5,000 images, many of which are previously unpublished, and drawing on the knowledge of an extensive team of consultants, DPM is an indispensable reference guide for both the novice and seasoned camoufleur.

“A monumental achievement”
Stephen Bayley in The Times, 1 Jan ‘05

“An amazing work of love”
Veronica Horwell in The Guardian, 18 Nov ‘04

“Best Books of 2004”
in Wallpaper’s Design Awards ‘04

“Pick of the Picture Books”
in The Independent, 31 Dec ‘04

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