Seeking for another space

Natsumi Oba, included Location of I in Seeking for another space

Ever since Internet has been expanded, people have started identifying themselves in this virtual world. They have created another social space in order for these identities to interact. The artists in this exhibition take elements of the physical world that users can relate to as real space, recreating the real space on the web, which is all virtual after all.


I Wanted to See All of the News From Today included in Classifiable?

instead of creating an exhibit of works, which falls under a specific category; i did something. Unsure of how the content of these works’ are related to each other; they are grouped together by Appropriation. Within all these projects elements are borrowed from other sources to create a new work.The borrowed elements may include images, forms or styles from art history or from popular culture, or materials and techniques from non-art contexts.Even though undefinable, they stand on their own as art work.