Büro BDP & the MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts

Broken Dimanche Press are delighted to announce that Büro BDP will be inaugurated with Martin John Callanan and the MINI Museum of XXI Century Arts.

Since 2007, Callanan has linked his status updates across social networking sites to display messages in unison. The updates always read “Martin John Callanan is okay“, with corresponding dates to show when they were published.

For the first exhibition at Büro BDP, Callanan has printed all the status updates on a single table sized sheet of roll paper. Using the obsolete technology of a pen plotter, which marks the text onto the paper with a standard writing pen, the text characters have been reproduced with machine precision. After the opening night, the table will gradually revert to it’s everyday use as an office desk.

The 209 updates are displayed sequentially in reserve chronological order on the MINI Museum of XXI Century Art which occupies the window on Emserstraße.

Vernissage & BBQ: Thursday 21 April 2011, 7-11pm.
Show: 22 April – 5 May 2011

Büro BDP
Emserstraße 43 / 12051-Berlin

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talk at May You Live in Interesting Times

may you live in interesting times

May You Live in Interesting Times

22 October 2009, 1-4pm, Firstspace, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

As part of May You Live in Interesting Times, Festival of Creative Technology, Chapter and WARP are organising two further seminars as part of The Centre is Here. The seminars will focus attention on the professional development of artists in Wales. This time The Centre is Here aims to offer artists the opportunity to hear first-hand a range of arts professionals talk about professional practice in the digital era. Each of the seminars will have a specific theme related to how artists can best use online, digital and creative technologies to develop and promote their work. Topics will include the use of social networking sites, artistsʼ blogs, websites, digital portfolios and show reels.

Social Networking: This seminar will look at how artists can use social networking as a tool for the promotion of their practice and the creation of online artistic communities. It will also focus on the uses of these networks as places to generate new work, and to exhibit work to a wider public.

Speakers are: Martin John Callanan & Emily Speed

Read the Festival Program [PDF]
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