A compilation of audio experiments recorded live in mid 2002. Electronic syth units where rewired/hotwired while being played*. This process inevitably resulted in the irretrievable ‘death’** of the unit. These recordings chart the death process – each session becoming more awkward as the unit’s components decayed (and in one case, resulted in a small fire).

While this recording is a compilation of several experiments, the audio itself is unedited, and no effects being added, (except an odd, short, cross-fade to make it better listening). There is only ever one device playing at a time.

Originally released in early 2003 as a limited CDR, in and around Birmingham. Now made available as an MP3 download: because we like it***. It is almost an hour long, so it is 50MB.
Download as MP3 (save target): 030307 Audio via SONUS archive

This download is available under a Creative Commons License (please read before download)
Added to the SONUS online archive, Canada, in April 2006. Cited in Electroacoustic Techniques.

As part of the FRAMED Broadcasts, 030307 was played in full on Resonance 104.4fm: 23, 24, 25 March 2006
* Played via the circuitry not the interface.
** Namely, the unit becomes useless after the process we subject it to.
*** We remain unaware of any ‘musical’ merit these experiments may or may not have.