Audio 041209, Martin John Callanan
Audio originally released by MirakelMusik (Sweden), and online.
Constructed from intercepted communications.

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3. 041209-07
4. 041209-09

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"There is something entirely understated and beautiful about Martin's work with sound. It verges on a kind of abstract harmony that is only sensed through a complete destruction of one's immediate aural senses. One tunes in like a quiet child who is observing the events around him and never becomes part of the soundscape except for certain parts in 041209-09 when Martin's voice interjects in surprise but before it can be recognised, it is already gone and one wonders if his voice was heard at all except on perpetual repeat" Logan, on 041209 Audio
Added to the SONUS online archive, Canada, in September 2005.
041209-07 was performed on February 9, 2006 at ÉuCuE (Électroacoustiques Université Concordia University Electroacoustics) 2005-2006 Series XXIV, Oscar Peterson Concert Hall, Concordia University, Canada. A 20 speaker sound projection sonore was used.

As part of the FRAMED Broadcasts, 041209 was played in full, with additional previously unreleased tracks, on Resonance 104.4fm: 23, 24, 25 March 2006 between 1-7am, and 24 and 30 March 2006 between 7-8pm.

Included in SoundLAB's Memoryscape 10 compliation; which as subsequently included in Biennale 3000, Sao Paulo.