205 Kingsland Road (23 December 2003) is an animation constructed from the cataloguing of still photographs – instances – taken from my [former] bedroom window. People, buses, and 'nothing' are separated and ordered before being replaced back into a linear time.

An order that equals the random glances the viewer might experience in a given day – or the specific day.

The DVD, in turn, plays the 'files' – i.e. the people who walk left to right across the screen being one file – randomly – hopelessly trying to recreate the randomness of the everyday banality of the street seen. A tension being created between the original experience (reality?) the possible reality of the catalogue; and the attempt of technology to recreate this experience from the infinite possibilities.

The frames where divided into: people walking right (shown in extract), people walking left, buses, traffic, and 'nothing' (ambient).

The audio is constructed from found random sounds and activated by visual elements.
Two versions of this work exsist, the orginal being a collaboration with composer Marcus Wheatley