Data Soliloquies is a book about the extraordinary cultural fluidity of scientific data. A wide array of graphs, charts, computer models and other forms of visual advocacy have become inescapable fixtures of public science presentations, though they are often treated as if they were neutral 'found objects' rather than elaborate narrative constructions containing high levels of statistical uncertainty. Through a mix of essays and artworks, this witty and engaging book - the result of a collaboration between Richard Hamblyn and Martin John Callanan during their terms as writer and artist in residence at the UCL Environment Institute - examines the theatricality of scientific data display, while critiquing some of the poorly designed statistical wallpaper that surrounds so much public science debate.

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Data Soliloquies was commissioned and published by UCL Environment Institute while Martin John Callanan Artist in Residence 2008-09 and Richard Hamblyn was Writter in Residence 2008-09

ISBN 978-0903305044 (January 2010)

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