A newspaper listing all wars fought during my lifetime.
On 28 and 29 June 2014, as part of LIFT 2014, a Town Crier proclaimed the current list in Battersea, London. A new issue of the newspaper was published.
On 28 March 2014 a live broadcast from the BBC for Whitstable Biennale took place, view the recording online.
On 13 October 2013 a Town Crier proclaimed the list at the Imperial War Museum North, audio recording below:
"This new work for Whitstable Biennale 2012, Wars During My Lifetime, collects together wars that have taken place all over the world during one individual's lifetime. A fascinating - and rapidly expanding - document, the newspaper makes no comment, but quietly brings the list to our attention. Many are wars we hear about on the radio on a daily basis, others are long since finished, or so small or distant they haven't touched our consciousness."
For a commissioned performance for the Whitstable Biennale 2012, the Newspaper was read by the local Town Crier, Michael Britton, on Whitstable's seafront, 9 September 2012.

List of newspapers published

Wars During My Lifetime
Third English edition published 27 June 2014 on the occasion of After A War, LIFT 2014, London, UK.
ISBN 978-1907829185

Wars During My Lifetime
Second English edition published 21 September 2013 on the occasion of International Peace Day, Canterbury, UK.
ISBN 978-1907829161

Zu meinen Lebzeiten (Wars During My Lifetime)
First German edition published 22 Feburary 2013 on the occasion of Along Some Sympathetic Lines, Or Gallery, Berlin.
ISBN 978-1907829147

Wars During My Lifetime
First English edition published 1 September 2012 on the occasion of Whitstable Biennale, Kent, UK.
ISBN 978-1907829123

Guerres durant la meva vida (Wars During My Lifetime)
First Catalan edition published 24 April 2012 on the occasion of the exhibition Global, Casal Solleric, Palma, Spain
ISBN 978-1907829130

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