Druck nur auf die Klinke


 – a new contemporary art gallery – 

Opening Event – 1pm – 6pm,  8 May 2022

We are proud to announce the opening of Jägerschere, located in Wiepersdorf, Niederer-Fläming, which will be presenting a programme of contemporary art exhibitions through summer 2022. 

The first exhibition, “Drück nur auf die Klinke”, features the work of Laura Bruce, Martin Callanan, Loreum and Sophio Medoidze as well as gallery organiser Nick Crowe and his regular collaborator Ian Rawlinson. 

Crowe explains “The title of the first show, like the name of the gallery itself, is drawn from The Brothers’ Grimm retelling of Little Red Riding Hood.  The village of Wiepersdorf has a longstanding and multifaceted relationship to the fairy tale and we wanted to reflect that in the name and identity of the gallery.”  In the fairy tale the phrase “Drück nur auf die Klinke” (just press on the handle…) is the wolf’s deceitful invitation to enter Grandmother’s House.  Here it serves as a catch-all invitation to experience an exhibition about about site and community and the double bind of exchange and social borders. 

Berlin-based artist Laura Bruce’s raw ceramic figures form themselves into itinerant social groups as they gather together on a low platform in the main space.  They seem to form a world all unto themselves.  Beside them we present Sophio Medoidze’s 2019 work “Xitana.”  Medoidze works between London and her native Tiblisi and is showing a film portraying the social and ritual lives of the Tush People, a group living in Eastern Georgia.  British critic Mike Sperlinger writes of the work; “We hear the snorts of the horse, the gentle hubbub of other people talking and laughing in the background. Everything changes, slightly. A spell is lifted, or rather a set of expectations is dispelled; the fairytale gives way to something funnier and stranger.”  In the projection space we screen a work by American artist Loreum, in which dance and an exhibition in a collapsing house becomes the lensing for poverty and social decline in California.  The house had belonged to a childhood friend but later fell into disuse, became a crack den and got burnt out.  Amongst these ruins Loreum present his paintings, an act that is simultaneously one of healing and of mourning.  Nick Crowe and Ian Rawlinson are showing their 2022 work “Partition.”  Created from straw and waste paper briquettes, the work acts as a barrier between two spaces, an invitation to encounter consider the entanglements of place and history.  Completing the show we are proud to present the latest iteration of Scottish artist Martin John Callanan’s “Wars During My Lifetime” an ongoing publication project which recently had to be updated.

Gallery Jägerschere, Dorfstr. 17, 14913 Wiepersdorf bei Jüterbog

Exhibition Drück nur auf die Klinke

08 May 2022 – 05 June 2002, Sundays 1pm – 6pm


The Opening is part of Land Brandenburg’s Offene Ateliers Programme