Wars During My Lifetime, live broadcast

Wars During My Lifetime

whitstable biennale

A new work made for screen, Wars During My Lifetime, will be streamed live online Friday 28 March at 6pm Whitstable time.

Wars During My Lifetime collects together wars that have taken place all over the world during one individual’s lifetime. A fascinating list, the film makes no comment, but quietly brings the list to our attention. Many are wars we hear about on the radio on a daily basis, others are long since finished, or so small or distant they haven’t touched our consciousness.

Wars During My Lifetime is the first commission in a new collection of permanent works that can be viewed anywhere in the world but will have no physical presence and will exist exclusively on Whitstable Biennale’s new website.

Wars During My Lifetime will sit permanently on Whitstable’s Biennale’s new website from late April 2014.

Wars During My Lifetime has been commissioned by Whitstable Biennale.
Thanks to Nicola Harrison, Martin Barbour BBC, and BBC Political Programmes.