Three months

In two hours my flight leaves Riga. My three months here have been a good time, the residency allowing me the time and resources to concentrate on a major piece of research with Location of I, and well as much other work.

Location of I will go live publicly in the next few days and will remain active publishing my physical locations for at least the next year. I’ll continue this blog for all relevant and exciting to life.

I will return to Riga in June to present my practice at the The 9th international festival for new media culture

GIS Data

When I arrived in Riga three months ago, the map of the city that Google used consisted of about two motorways. Although not opensource, Google Maps is the most open mapping tool to use for this work, so I was keen to use it. After several months of harassing people in Riga, the dataset was recently updated. It contains an amusing error, that makes half the city appear flooded. [The error is still there] Google Maps screen-grab, data error in Riga

The kind of data used to construct Google Maps is normally the responsibilty of local organisation, such as Ordnance Survey in the UK, so how the Riga error goes unnoticed and uncorrected…

There still remains a massive disparity in the data between Latvia and it’s neighbors. Take Estonia, for example:
Google Maps screen-grab, Latvian-Estonian border

We are currently working on the web interface for Location of I, it will be online any day now…

Kultūras Forums

Forgot to mention; there is an article (in Latvian) in the current edition of Kultūras Forums [27 aprīlis – 4 maijs Nr. 16(254)], about my work in Riga.

Martin John Callanan, Kultūras Forums