Media Salon

Tyler Friedman at Media Salon on I Wanted to See All of the News From Today:

I saw a panel discussion with the guy who did this project before. It is pretty ambitious. […] It is a constantly refreshing overview of the state of the global consciousness. It is not every newspaper yet, but, as I understand, that is the goal. Of course, this project is dependent upon physical print- upon the concept of a newspaper front page. It would not be as effective to make a similar conglomeration of the daily headlines using, say, internet home pages, as most news sites are not as regionalized as a printed paper is. So, this project acts upon physical reality, compiling it in a way that would be physically impossible without digitalization and the globalized communal work ethics enabled by networking.One other thing that is nice about this, is that it doesn’t attempt to say anything. There is not editorial voice, or artistic presence providing access to the information for you. No translations, no links. The site is completely 2-dimensional. The information is left to speak for itself, to be interpreted as it is. As such it is a pretty radical visualization of the international current moment.If only the images were higher resolution and a pdf style zoom in zoom out function was supported so that the smaller text would be visible.