Location of I – VELOCITY & The Big Draw


Part of VELOCITY, folly’s festival of digital culture (12 Oct – 3 Nov 2007). Location: Central Lancaster.

Martin John Callanan will use a mobile phone to publish his physical geographical location to the internet as he travels the VELOCITY festival. Visitors to Lancaster’s map room will interact with a live map of Martin’s location, transforming his physical location into a drawing.

VELOCITY is an extraordinary 3 week long festival of digital art and culture that will stretch from Barrow to Lancaster around Morecambe Bay. VELOCITY’s artworks, performances, games, podcasts, films, workshops and art installations will follow the coastline, showing you this beautiful and sublime setting in a new, creative light. Using the rail route as its navigator, VELOCITY’s journey will encompass new world-class art, technology’s role in society, and contemporary issues that affect the Bay and its communities. There will be art works at train stations, performances on the trains, podcasts you can download to take on your train journey, and much much more.