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LIve Herring 2008

LIve Herring 2008

Live Herring working group organizes Live Herring ´08 Media Art Exhibition at the autumn 2008 . Exhibition was on a show in Jyväskylä Art Museum (The Lower Gallery, Holvi) October 29 – November 23, 2008.

Live Herring ´08 media art exhibition presents media art as diverse phenomenon, concentrating to new media art. The exhibition space is filled with reflections and sounds. At the same time interactive art works invite visitor to participate and in Net dot lounge visitor is able to explore net art in privacy. In the exhibition there are pieces from nine artists living in Nordic countries. For Net dot lounge and Flash lounge Live Herring working group published an open call for submission for artists from all over the world.

Artists in the exhibition (selected from submissions):
Heidi Aho (Finland), Päivi Hintsanen (Finland), Tomi Knuutila (Finland), Mari Keski-Korsu (Finland), Antti Laitinen (Finland), Jone Skjensvold (Norway), Video Jack (Portugal/Finland), Bjørn Wangen (Sweden), Noora Westerberg (Finland)

Net dot Lounge presents works of following artists:
Chris Basmajian (USA), Jeroen van Beurden (Netherlands), Filip Bojovic & Vladimir Manovski (Serbia), Martin John Callanan (UK), J. R. Carpenter (Canada), Annabel Castro (Mexico), David Clark (Canada), Juliet Davis (USA), Andy Deck (USA), Jason Freeman (USA), Sami Heikkinen (Finland), Päivi Hintsanen & Noora Nenonen (Finland), Yael Kanarek (USA), Sara Milazzo (Finland), Adam Nash & Mami Yamanaka (Australia), Jason Nelson (Australia), Oskar Ponnert (Sweden), Rafael Rozendaal (Germany/Brazil), Silas FONG Sum-yu (Hong Kong/China), Sérgio Tavares (Brazil), Martin Wattenberg (USA), Ant Ngai Wing-Lam (Hong Kong/China)

Live Herring ’08 exhibition net artworks can be viewed from:

Flash Lounge, animations from following artists:
Anni Kinnunen (Finland), Jonna Markkula (Finland), Aku Meriläinen (Finland), Santeri Piilonen (Finland), Petri Tiainen (Finland), Väsyneistö (Finland)

Exhibition expands also outside of the museum building when the artist Antti Laitinen continues his art project Walk the Line. In Jyväskylä Laitinen realizes his self-portrait for the first time as a live performance. He will walk at the streets of the city with the GPS -navigator on October 27th, 2008 and the process can be followed on the internet as live-performance. His portrait realized in Jyväskylä will be exhibited in the exhibition along with the other pieces of series.

Another guest artist of the exhibition is media artist Mari Keski-Korsu. She will arrive for afternoon tee to Jyväskylä on Nov 7th.

Live Herring ´08 is visible also in outside of the museum building. As a part of the exhibition short screenings of media art are organized from the window of Jyväskylä Art Museum to the Kauppakatu. Live Herring visits also at homeappartement exhibition House Games.

For questions about media art or for guiding to exhibition there is ”Live Herring media art adviser” on a call on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at exhibition. Public guiding will be also organized on Saturday Nov 15th and on Sunday Nov 23rd at 2 p.m.

Sponsored by:

For exhibition Live Herring working group is in cooperation with local enterprises. Exhibition is supported by AudioCenter, GPS-seuranta and Kopijyvä. For exhibition cooperation was also done with University of Jyväskylä, Department of Art and Culture Studies . Live Herring ´08 exhibition is financially supported by Arts Council of Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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