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Art 211 provides art students with an introduction to the critical study of new media and digital art works and to the cultural and social issues that influence how audiences perceive, interact with, and are influenced by them. The development of students’ critical thinking through class, activities, discussions, and course projects is given particular emphasis.

The content of Art 211 focuses primarily on the conventions, language, aesthetics, and history employed by artists in the creation of new media/digital art. The course also considers the cultural implications that new media/digital art works and practices have for contemporary society and the culture of the United States.



Martin John Callanan is Okay will be shown at encoding_experience/ Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, Australia. 10 October – 31 October 2008

encoding_experience/ is the first of a series of exhibitions inspired by the ways in which artists are embracing critical, hands on interventive strategies towards the understanding of, and experimentation with media. The artists in the show open up issues of privacy, piracy and control, paradigms that are deeply embedded into technology and the way technology is designed. Most of the artists favour a collaborative, socio-centric approach to their work. They have an agenda about thinking through questions such as; Where does the technology come from? What is the real use of a computer? What are the social issues around regular access to domestic machines i.e. game consoles, home stereos and digital cameras. How do we use and question systems that tirelessly reproduce and augment environments, image and sound?

Actively engaging with conceptual concerns, DaDa-esque notions of performance, hacking and intellectual property; encoding_experience presents an insight into how electronic media and craft knowledge operates in current art practice, not only in terms of its functionality, but also in regards to artists who have a critical approach towards the politics, aesthetics and ecconomies coded into these systems.