Directory Of Fictitious Telephone Numbers – Impossible Transmissions

An aseptic space. One white table and on it a printed directory, accompanied by an apparently normal looking telephone. It would seem the right environment to make a call. And calls are, in fact, made. The phone operates automatically, dialling random numbers from the many listed in the phone book . The diffused audio allows visitors to listen to the classic dialling sounds, followed by a precise dead tone or a message saying, in varying languages, ‘the number you dialled does not exist’. The process repeats itself tirelessly; another number, another country, another language. A loop of sounds and dead time; a form of a dance, a ritual. A monologue or perhaps a soliloquy. No matter which of the many available numbers are dialled, it is certain that no calls will ever be answered because the list of numbers is officially exposed as The International Directory of Fictitious Telephone Numbers – an extensive list of numbers certified as non-existent and neatly divided into geographic areas of the world. The compilation of this phone book includes official requests from telecommunication regulators in different countries. The artwork, resulting from research by the British artist John Martin Callanan and presented first in Spain and then at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, is indefinitely offered as a resource for use in drama or film productions so that unsuspecting people aren’t disturbed by inquisitive viewers. Art in defence of privacy?

Benedetta Sabatini

Information Distribution Via Digital Media (2011)

Information Distribution Via Digital Media (2011)
Rhizome Curated Exhibition by Joanna Duran

This exhibition presents new media through world news. New innovative ways of communication are infiltrating the lives of people all over the world. We no longer have to wait for the morning paper to hear about current news and world issues now that new digital media brings light to new ways of disbursing information in seconds. These particular artworks retrieve current news by pioneering the use of digital computation and visualization. The Oracle of Elsewhere by Ian Wojtowicz presents us with a 3D generator that exhibits a rotating model of earth. This visualized globe not only conveys current live news around the world, but does so in a way that is extremely innovative with today’s technology by allowing the viewer to geographically choose the current news as it fluctuates through Google’s database. Similar to this oracle the rest of the artworks demonstrate world news as it happens. The artwork created by Martin John Callanan provides a web page that displays single images of hundreds of newspapers from all over the world. As we continue evolving into this new day of age that is the world of technology Callanan and Wojtowicz, as well as others, are able to make latest news available to millions with creative ways of streaming communication.

Kunst aus Bits und Bytes

Harald Welzer on WDR Fernsehen talking about ISEA and my work A Planetary Order (2 mins in)

Elektronische Visionen in Dortmund broadcast on
Dienstag, 31. August 2010, 22.30 – 23.10 Uhr
Montag, 06. September 2010, 10.50 – 11.30 Uhr (Wdh.)

A quick translation of Harald Welzer talking about A Planetary Order:

I find this piece of work very fine actually because it represents very simply, that is to say in the classical shape of the globe, what is in reality an unbelievably complex process. Normally of course one sees only the sky and the prevailing weather conditions over the place where one is at that time. That this is a complete and forever changing global system is quite wonderfully depicted with this very simple and, in my opinion, beautiful artwork. The worldwide interconnecting system, which Callanan has recorded in miniature, is subdivided in Marko Peljhan’s “Arctic Perspectives” into umpteen individual projects…

Boing Boing: Artwork and book about clouds

Boing Boing

Martin John Callanan, artist-in-residence at University College London’s Environment Institute, used satellite data to create a small300mm terrestrial globe depicting cloud coverage from a single second in time. He first showed the work, titled A Planetary Order, last week at an event also celebrating the publication of Extraordinary Clouds, a new book by the UCL Environment Institute’s writer-in-residence, Richard Hamblyn. The cloud-themed projects are profiled in a short video from the university. “UCL writer and artist-in-residence look to the skies”

Boing Boing


Daily, curated by Jacqueline Friedman:

Artist Martin John Callanan’s “I Wanted to See all of the News from Today” collects the front pages of newspapers from around the world daily and displays them all together on one large web page. The primary purpose of this artwork is to include all printed national newspapers daily on one website. This is unique because each day a spectator can view all the front pages on national newspapers simultaneously. Therefore, a viewer is able to compare the subject matters from different nation’s front pages of their newspaper from around the world. This piece is unique to Daily curatorial show because it is the only art project chosen that is not user-friendly when trying to look at previous days’ sites, as it is not treated like a blog. “I Wanted to See all of the News from Today” successfully visually expresses history per day.

Daily is an online exhibition portraying the effect of art updated daily and continuously, ranging from a set collapsed-time projects, such as a year or three months, to ongoing artwork with no end date. With an array of themes such as World News as well as personal daily blogs, the linking factors among the artwork in Daily exemplify progression and history. Although some of the artwork chosen for Daily directly portrays history of news, the progression in the show Daily is dealing with the development within an artwork.

A common factor within each artwork is a start date, and one can compare the first post of the project to the most recent or any post in the project, allowing a viewer to note its succession and development. Furthermore, the consistency being updated everyday is significant; it forces an artist to update on a daily, regular basis rather than when an artist feels like updating. This helps distinguish what art-updated-daily is. This new form of documentation is similar to the 21st century, common term blog – a digital, update website that can resemble a diary as well as a place on the Internet to post comments. Another distinguishing factor, is that the artwork included in Daily are on the World Wide Web, meaning they are accessible to everyone on the Internet.

Besides being updated daily, each piece of artwork displays the information in reverse chronological order. This is a distinguishing factor of a blog. The one exception to a “blog-like” appearance in Daily is “I wanted to See All of the News From Today” by Martin Jon Callanan who only shows the most recent update on the initial website; a viewer must search harder to view previous posts. However, the piece was included in Daily because it is a new form of updating daily, and has similarities with some of the other pieces.

Each piece of artwork in Daily has to do with a progression over a certain amount of time; however, some pieces deal with self-portraiture and privacy on the Internet, personal information on a public space, while other artwork included deal with history and the news. Daily brings these pieces together to show how these pieces are linked together through being updated daily.

Sonification of You part of Paraflows Festival Vienna

Sonification of You. Martin John CallananSonification of You live at Paraflows, Martin John Callanan
Sonification of You live at Paraflows, Martin John CallananSonification of You live at Paraflows, Martin John Callanan

Sonification of You was part of the city wide Paraflows Festival, Vienna, Austria, in September 2006, hosted at the Blumberg Gallery.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=c8c8c8″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Diese Arbeit ist Phasen9. bis 16. September 2006

Wechselwirkung ist umgebend geworden. Einzelne Leute sind nicht mehr lokalisiertes aus der Skalierung oben der Netze resultieren und der Skalierungabstieg des Apparates für Getriebe und Aufnahme. Verschiedene Kommunikation Vorrichtungen immer getragen ununterbrochen strahlen aus und empfangen Informationen. Dieses ununterbrochene Datenfluß ist unsichtbar und häufig, durch die Mehrheit einen Leuten, unbekannt. Heutige Handvorrichtungen können als Verlängerungen von gesehen werden menschlicher Körper erlauben überall vorhandenes, unvermeidliches Netz interconnectivity.

Das `Sonification von dir’ zielt darauf ab, dieses zu bilden Datenfluß das `, das’ zu jenen Leuten sichtbar ist, welche die aktiven Vorrichtungen tragen. Unsere Ausrüstung lichtet passiv die verschiedenen Radiospektrumfrequenzen ab, die durch Vorrichtungen des beweglichen Telefons, Bluetooth, WiFi Netze und andere verwendet werden durch bewegliche Vorrichtungen, innerhalb a verwendet werden gegebener Raum. Die Dateninformationen dann vorbei dargestellt zugewiesene Audiotöne, die Tätigkeit, Abstand und Stärke der Signale anzeigen. Zeichnen auf Methoden für die überwachung des Großrechners Netze, das Resultat ist, einen Hintergrund `Ton’ für einen Raum, der representational der Leute ist, und ihre Vorrichtungen, Geschenk zu verursachen.

Das unsichtbare hörbar geworden und folglich sichtbar. Einzelpersonen erlauben, ihrer Konstante bewußt zu werden Konnektivität.

paraflows 06 – Annual Convention für Digitale Kunst und Kulturen in Wien, 09.-16.09.2006

Das Motto hinter paraflows 06 – Annual Convention für digitale Kunst und Kulturen in Wien ist das Konzept der ‘Netze hinter dem Netz’, was sowohl das Digitale hinter dem sozialen Netz als auch das Soziale hinter dem digitalen Netz meinen kann.

Ein viertägiges Symposium setzt sich mit Vorträgen und Workshops zur paraflows 06 Thematik auseinander. Die Ausstellung zum Festival widmet sich aktuellen künstlerischen Positionen der digitalen Medien- und Netzkulturen. Lokale und internationale Projekte werden vorgestellt, deren Intention es ist, mittels neuerer medialer Kulturmittel unsere heutige Gesellschaft besser zu verstehen, zu kritisieren und zu gestalten. TUagliche Abendveranstaltungen runden das Festival mit einem Vermittlungskonzept ab und laden zum Austausch ein.

paraflows 06 – annual convention for digital arts and cultures, 9 through 16 September 06

paraflows 06 focusses on the idea of a ‘net behind the net’ which can mean both the digital behind the social net, and the social behind the digital net. paraflows (the Greek prefix ‘para’ meaning: beside, near, moreover) emanates from the main motors of freedom of the net and its para-experts, the wikipedias and slashdots of all areas within which consumers help each other voluntarily to become and remain critical users and experts in their fields.

The symposium draws participants from all over the world and consists of lectures and workshops on the topic of paraflows 06: ‘nets behind the net’. The exhibition will display works dealing with the ‘social web’ focussing on the topic of the ‘nets behind the nets’. Installations and performances are meant to encourage visitors to actively participate in the event. The horizontal concept of the exhibition consciously takes on the approved principles of a decentralized organisation and of participatory practices. The exhibition will therefore be held in seven locations within the Viennese art and culture scene. The daily evening events will top off the festival and encourage participants and visitors to communicate with each other.