Several Interruptions

To celebrate 15 years of ground breaking research in electronic media, the Slade Centre for Electronic Media in Fine Art (SCEMFA) will hold a 14 week exhibition, showing new works from eight internationally acclaimed artists: who use emerging practices to explore electronic and digital media, as both a source and material.

Martin John Callanan, 24 – 30 January
Thomson & Craighead, 2 – 13 February
Tim Head, 15 – 20 February
Simon Faithfull, 22 February – 6 March
Brighid Lowe, 8 – 13 March
Melanie Jackson, 15 – 20 March
Susan Collins, 23 March – 17 April

An exhibition that revolves every fortnight between each artist, acting as a showcase for the best of contemporary art in the UK, and highlighting the Slade’s pivotal role in the history, development and current research in the many varied forms of electronic media.

SCEMFA is a research group at the Slade School of Fine Art. SCEMFA opened in 1995 and for the past 15 years has provided the opportunity for leading artists to focus on research into Electronic Media and Fine Art, contributing to debate on a national and international level for events, exhibitions, broadcasts, collaborations and online.

Tuesday – Friday: 10 am – 5pm, Saturday & Sunday: noon – 5pm
North Lodge, University College London, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT



A Selection of The Web Biennial Revealing The Poetics and Politics of Net Art
20 January – 20 March 2011

Internet has contributed to the transformation and spreading of new forms of art, provided boundless creating, exhibiting and consuming opportunities. Regeneration.011, in this context, is presenting works that deal with freedom of speech and anti-war activism as well as revealing the political and poetical aspects of contemporary net art. Plato Art Space, by this project, aims to draw attention to net art which gained considerable importance in the recent years as an alternative space for contemporary art.

Artists: Magda Bielesz, Alan Bigelow, Immo Blaese, Andrew Chee, Martin John Callanan, Andy Deck, Dimitrios Fotiou, Matthias Fritsch, Genco Gulan, Elli Harrison, Sachiko Hayashi, Anni Holm, Aoghus Kneeshaw, Cardarelli Luigia, Marcello Mercado, Alexander Mouton, Christian Rupp, Evelyn Stermitz, Jurgen Trautwein, Merve Unsal, Nanette Wylde, Jody Zellen, Ricardo Miranda Zuniga.
Curator: Marcus Graf

The exhibition is supported by Plato College of Higher Education

PLATO ART SPACE, Ayvansaray Caddesi, No: 33, Balat 34087 Istanbul-Turkiye

FILE 11 (I Wanted to See All the News From Today)

The 11th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival – takes place this year at centro cultural fiesp – ruth cardoso, Brasil, from july 27th to august 29th, 2010. The programme occupies the art gallery of sesi-sp, the fiesp space, the theater and the mezzanine of the cultural center that hosts the exhibition with interactive installations, games, machinimas, internet artworks, performances and workshops.

Media Art shows how to “soften” the rigidity of technology functionality and to create an environment of creativity and artistic thinking.

The Big Picture: Gaining a New Perspective with the Help of Databases (2009)

The Big Picture: Gaining a New Perspective with the Help of Databases (2009)
Curated by Tim Carroll

Through the eight works in this online exhibit, my goal is to show how bits of information can be combined into a database and displayed so that the viewer can gain a greater understanding of the world and how individuals fit into it. In addition to this I will point out how each piece of information may have a personal meaning to an individual, but once it is collected and displayed in conjunction with many other bits of information, that personal meaning is typically lost.

I Wanted to See All the News From Today on shortlist for FILE Prix Lux

‘I Wanted To See All the News From Today’ is a finalist in the first FILE Lux Prix for electronic and digital art.

To vote simply select the work ‘I Wanted To See All the News From Today’, enter your email address to vote, then verify your vote by clicking on the link you receive to your inbox.

FILE PRIX LUX has the intent of rewarding, motivating and stimulating the emergence of new talents in the area of electronic and digital languages. Since 2000, FILE – Electronic Language International Festival constitutes an international interdisciplinary platform for the development of innovative and creative projects in the area of arts and technologies. FILE is a cultural, nonprofit organization that promotes a reflection on the main themes of the global contemporary electronic-digital context, always in a transdisciplinary vision in the political complexity of our time’s cultural universe. For ten years now, FILE has collaborated, through exhibitions and symposiums, with the aesthetic-technological development that the new electronic-digital languages offer to contemporary cultures, as well as it has positioned Brazil in the world context of those new trends. In 2010, FILE will accomplish a long-awaited objective: to award to some of the projects an international prize in money.

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I Wanted to See All the News From Today in NETescopio #4


This exhibition opens the second phase NETescopio. It is centered on a recurring practice in artistic productions in the network such as the appropriation and reuse of symbolic materials. Unlike other technological means, the possible digital rather than reproduction, manipulation. More invariance, the perpetual mutation. Rather than copying the remix . This has introduced a series of questions, not only about the notion of original or copy-meaningless notion in the digital-but also about the author, that of owner or collector.

The works in this selection agree this practice of appropriation and reuse, but the deal with different strategies. Find jobs that remix and recombine materials to achieve new compositions, and other respects in which the original composition to recreate a free version. There will be others, however, that address network material or websites and parody, sabotage or manipulate with the intention of distorting his message. Also find artists who operate as collectors, making the cache of your computer in an involuntary wunderkammer , and other proposals that raises the recirculation of information and interaction as a necessary mechanism for the production of meaning. The artist’s role in the network and not the creator but to redirect the information.

Gustavo Romano


Martin John Callanan
I Wanted to See All of the News From Today
Proyecto on-line. 2007

En este proyecto, Callanan nos presenta la miniatura de la tapa de más de 600 diarios de todo el mundo en una sola página web. Induce al navegante a sumergirse en esta colección imposible, en esta masa visual que nos dice mucho acerca de la superficie de las noticias y muy poco o nada de algo más allá.
De alguna forma nos sugiere que es quizás el mismo esfuerzo inútil el que realiza a diario, cada uno de los periódicos y cada uno de los lectores. El de atrapar, el de dar cuenta hoy, de lo que ha ocurrido el día de ayer.

I Wanted to See All the News From Today in Live Herring ’08

LIve Herring 2008

LIve Herring 2008

Live Herring working group organizes Live Herring ´08 Media Art Exhibition at the autumn 2008 . Exhibition was on a show in Jyväskylä Art Museum (The Lower Gallery, Holvi) October 29 – November 23, 2008.

Live Herring ´08 media art exhibition presents media art as diverse phenomenon, concentrating to new media art. The exhibition space is filled with reflections and sounds. At the same time interactive art works invite visitor to participate and in Net dot lounge visitor is able to explore net art in privacy. In the exhibition there are pieces from nine artists living in Nordic countries. For Net dot lounge and Flash lounge Live Herring working group published an open call for submission for artists from all over the world.

Artists in the exhibition (selected from submissions):
Heidi Aho (Finland), Päivi Hintsanen (Finland), Tomi Knuutila (Finland), Mari Keski-Korsu (Finland), Antti Laitinen (Finland), Jone Skjensvold (Norway), Video Jack (Portugal/Finland), Bjørn Wangen (Sweden), Noora Westerberg (Finland)

Net dot Lounge presents works of following artists:
Chris Basmajian (USA), Jeroen van Beurden (Netherlands), Filip Bojovic & Vladimir Manovski (Serbia), Martin John Callanan (UK), J. R. Carpenter (Canada), Annabel Castro (Mexico), David Clark (Canada), Juliet Davis (USA), Andy Deck (USA), Jason Freeman (USA), Sami Heikkinen (Finland), Päivi Hintsanen & Noora Nenonen (Finland), Yael Kanarek (USA), Sara Milazzo (Finland), Adam Nash & Mami Yamanaka (Australia), Jason Nelson (Australia), Oskar Ponnert (Sweden), Rafael Rozendaal (Germany/Brazil), Silas FONG Sum-yu (Hong Kong/China), Sérgio Tavares (Brazil), Martin Wattenberg (USA), Ant Ngai Wing-Lam (Hong Kong/China)

Live Herring ’08 exhibition net artworks can be viewed from:

Flash Lounge, animations from following artists:
Anni Kinnunen (Finland), Jonna Markkula (Finland), Aku Meriläinen (Finland), Santeri Piilonen (Finland), Petri Tiainen (Finland), Väsyneistö (Finland)

Exhibition expands also outside of the museum building when the artist Antti Laitinen continues his art project Walk the Line. In Jyväskylä Laitinen realizes his self-portrait for the first time as a live performance. He will walk at the streets of the city with the GPS -navigator on October 27th, 2008 and the process can be followed on the internet as live-performance. His portrait realized in Jyväskylä will be exhibited in the exhibition along with the other pieces of series.

Another guest artist of the exhibition is media artist Mari Keski-Korsu. She will arrive for afternoon tee to Jyväskylä on Nov 7th.

Live Herring ´08 is visible also in outside of the museum building. As a part of the exhibition short screenings of media art are organized from the window of Jyväskylä Art Museum to the Kauppakatu. Live Herring visits also at homeappartement exhibition House Games.

For questions about media art or for guiding to exhibition there is ”Live Herring media art adviser” on a call on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons at exhibition. Public guiding will be also organized on Saturday Nov 15th and on Sunday Nov 23rd at 2 p.m.

Sponsored by:

For exhibition Live Herring working group is in cooperation with local enterprises. Exhibition is supported by AudioCenter, GPS-seuranta and Kopijyvä. For exhibition cooperation was also done with University of Jyväskylä, Department of Art and Culture Studies . Live Herring ´08 exhibition is financially supported by Arts Council of Finland and The Finnish Cultural Foundation.

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File 2008, São Paulo

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

I Wanted To See All the News From Today, at:

FILE 2008 Electronic Language International Festival happens this August at the Fiesp Cultural Center. FILE, the major art and technology festival in Brazil and Latin America, as well as one of the most renowned events in the world in this area, for nine years has inserted the country in the global context of art and technology, or media art, performing a compilation of the artistic productions in the fields of electronic and digital arts, and working as an indicator of those productions’ plurality.

Given the diversity of digital culture, FILE is an event that nests several festivals, which occur simultaneously and this year include: electronic art festival, games festival, digital movies festival, documental film festival, electronic music festival, innovations festival, electronic graffiti festival. Moreover, FILE offers an international symposium, an archive with more than 2,000 works and a laboratory for the production and development of new works, FILE Labo.

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival

FILE - Electronic Language International Festival


I Wanted to See All of the News From Today included in Classifiable?

instead of creating an exhibit of works, which falls under a specific category; i did something. Unsure of how the content of these works’ are related to each other; they are grouped together by Appropriation. Within all these projects elements are borrowed from other sources to create a new work.The borrowed elements may include images, forms or styles from art history or from popular culture, or materials and techniques from non-art contexts.Even though undefinable, they stand on their own as art work.


Daily, curated by Jacqueline Friedman:

Artist Martin John Callanan’s “I Wanted to See all of the News from Today” collects the front pages of newspapers from around the world daily and displays them all together on one large web page. The primary purpose of this artwork is to include all printed national newspapers daily on one website. This is unique because each day a spectator can view all the front pages on national newspapers simultaneously. Therefore, a viewer is able to compare the subject matters from different nation’s front pages of their newspaper from around the world. This piece is unique to Daily curatorial show because it is the only art project chosen that is not user-friendly when trying to look at previous days’ sites, as it is not treated like a blog. “I Wanted to See all of the News from Today” successfully visually expresses history per day.

Daily is an online exhibition portraying the effect of art updated daily and continuously, ranging from a set collapsed-time projects, such as a year or three months, to ongoing artwork with no end date. With an array of themes such as World News as well as personal daily blogs, the linking factors among the artwork in Daily exemplify progression and history. Although some of the artwork chosen for Daily directly portrays history of news, the progression in the show Daily is dealing with the development within an artwork.

A common factor within each artwork is a start date, and one can compare the first post of the project to the most recent or any post in the project, allowing a viewer to note its succession and development. Furthermore, the consistency being updated everyday is significant; it forces an artist to update on a daily, regular basis rather than when an artist feels like updating. This helps distinguish what art-updated-daily is. This new form of documentation is similar to the 21st century, common term blog – a digital, update website that can resemble a diary as well as a place on the Internet to post comments. Another distinguishing factor, is that the artwork included in Daily are on the World Wide Web, meaning they are accessible to everyone on the Internet.

Besides being updated daily, each piece of artwork displays the information in reverse chronological order. This is a distinguishing factor of a blog. The one exception to a “blog-like” appearance in Daily is “I wanted to See All of the News From Today” by Martin Jon Callanan who only shows the most recent update on the initial website; a viewer must search harder to view previous posts. However, the piece was included in Daily because it is a new form of updating daily, and has similarities with some of the other pieces.

Each piece of artwork in Daily has to do with a progression over a certain amount of time; however, some pieces deal with self-portraiture and privacy on the Internet, personal information on a public space, while other artwork included deal with history and the news. Daily brings these pieces together to show how these pieces are linked together through being updated daily.

How Society Runs

How Society Runs, curated by Allie:

A site very much open for interpretation, I Wanted to See All the News From Today (a work in progress) provides little to no insight into the mind of its creator. The site, however, does provide viewers with hundreds of newspaper front pages and magazine covers. While this can either be seen as a way to access far hidden corners of the world that are often underrepresented in world news, it can also call into question how news is presented in our society. Users can keep track of many things from how many papers feature a U.S based story on their front page, to the ways in which the editors laid out the stories, emphasizing the ones they feel are most important with bold headlines and dominating photos. Although all the papers may look slightly different in appearance, it is important to consider the small amount of people who actually own the world’s media outlets. These select individuals are responsible for providing the entire world with a steady flow of information yet mainly come from the Western world. Therefore, one can start to wonder who exactly is controlling the news and what information we receive.

Media Salon

Tyler Friedman at Media Salon on I Wanted to See All of the News From Today:

I saw a panel discussion with the guy who did this project before. It is pretty ambitious. […] It is a constantly refreshing overview of the state of the global consciousness. It is not every newspaper yet, but, as I understand, that is the goal. Of course, this project is dependent upon physical print- upon the concept of a newspaper front page. It would not be as effective to make a similar conglomeration of the daily headlines using, say, internet home pages, as most news sites are not as regionalized as a printed paper is. So, this project acts upon physical reality, compiling it in a way that would be physically impossible without digitalization and the globalized communal work ethics enabled by networking.One other thing that is nice about this, is that it doesn’t attempt to say anything. There is not editorial voice, or artistic presence providing access to the information for you. No translations, no links. The site is completely 2-dimensional. The information is left to speak for itself, to be interpreted as it is. As such it is a pretty radical visualization of the international current moment.If only the images were higher resolution and a pdf style zoom in zoom out function was supported so that the smaller text would be visible.

Hz #11: I Wanted to See All of the News From Today

I Wanted to See All of the News From Today

I Wanted to See All of the News From Today, is included in Hz Journal #11 from Fylkingen

Fylkingen’s journal Hz started as a non-virtual journal after its predecessor Fylkingen Bulletin from ’60s. Since 2000, Hz moved to the Internet and has become an Internet journal, one of the few in Sweden. From the second issue in 2003 it also includes Net Gallery, where international Internet art works are presented.

Fylkingen is a non-profit art organization in Stockholm. Established in 1933, it is the oldest forum for experimental music and intermedia art in Sweden. Throughout its history Fylkingen has been the driving force in the Swedish art scene to introduce and promote unestablished art forms, the examples of which include the music of Bartók and the video works of Nam June Paik as well as electro-acoustic music during the ’50s. Our members today consist of leading composers/musicians, performance artists/dancers, visual artists, etc.

Utilizing possibilities the Internet brings, Hz intends to be an international web journal. By dealing with aesthetic discussions relevant to our time through Hz, Fylkingen is hoping to continue its tradition of playing the role of cutting-edge interface between the artists of Sweden and those abroad. Hz also fulfils informative source of Fylkingen’s activities to none-members both nationally and internationally, thus contributing to increasing interests to Swedish culture and art activities abroad.